Hello, I’m Erica!

I’m a product designer and information architect.

I love untangling messes.

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About Erica Firment

My friends and I just spent several years building a gorgeous piece of compensation software. We were four raccoons in a trenchcoat, and I'd love to tell you about it.

I’m a former Cornell faculty member. I’ve designed and shipped products for startups and Fortune 500 companies, including Second Life,, and Reddit.

Resume and Portfolio


One machine-readable artisanal resume from 2023. Optimized for scanability. Beep boop.

Printable Portfolio

A printable portfolio with short case studies how I worked to solve specific problems within an organization.


Product Roadmaps

Balancing priorities and managing difficult discussions.

Visual Design

Clean, whimsical, full of stars.

Data Visualization

Turning a bucket of eels into something useful.


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Coworkers & Clients Say:

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“She will save your applications from your engineers”

I personally have learned a lot from her about our craft, which has helped to make me a stronger designer.

Kurtis, UX Lead

“Erica is enthusiastic, fun, and full of multidisciplinary awesome sauce.”

I would love to work with her again on pretty much anything!

Charity, Founder

“Plus, you know, she's an absolute blast to have on your team.”

Erica's redesign was stellar, providing the product owner and stakeholders with multiple options, as well as prototypes that the developers on the small team could quickly iterate on so we could test drive.

Let’s make something


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(607) 279 8868

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